Shower Filters are Not a Luxury-Your Family Needs Them for Health Benefits as Well

15 01 2010

Every body is worried about the quality of our water, and we need to be as concerned about the water we shower with as we are with the water we consume and the only way to feel safe is to use a shower filter.

Using a shower filter will eliminate a lot of the harmful chemicals that are now in our water, and leave you feeling more refreshed and cleansed than before.

What is the concept of a shower filter? There are many organisms in the water which, if not eliminated, could be detrimental to the public health. To avoid this, municipalities put chlorine in the water to eliminate the harmful microorganisms. The only problem is that the chlorine that is being added may be causing more problems of its own.

Chlorine is added to the water because it is an extremely effective, and very cheap, way of killing off living organisms. However, when chlorine is combined with organic matter, it gives off chlorination byproducts, which can be harmful. If you want to get rid of the danger of this harm do a shower filter comparison to find the best filter and one place to look is Wikipedia.

Some of the best chlorine filter showerheads will use Vitamin C shower filters rather than the harsher filters containing calcium sulfite or sulfate. Even the FDA uses Vitamin C to keep their laboratories sterile and free from contaminating toxins, and the same state of the art use is obtainable from your shower filter, Canada.

When you do your comparisons, make sure you are careful to choose a shower filter, such as Vitashower, that combines the power to eliminate chlorination byproducts with the gentle action of Vitamin C which would give you the best shower water.